The Objectives of AHS 1000


In order to follow the theme of simplicity, there are only three simple objectives to AHS 1000:

1) The Handling Company and Carrier will agree a comprehensive set of standards. These would normally be set at the highest possible level that can be realistically achieved

2) Standards must be measured accurately

3) Provide Carriers with an accurate feedback of standards achieved on an agreed timescale

The fact that a Handling Company goes through the implementation process, does not automatically mean that they will receive AHS 1000 accreditation. If they do not meet the objectives above, they will not achieve accreditation. A Handling Company needs to be sure that it can meet these three objectives before applying for AHS 1000.

A Handling Company will be checked every year to ensure that they continue to meet these objectives. If they do not continue to meet these objectives, they will lose their AHS 1000 accreditation, and may no longer be AHM 804 compliant. AHS 1000 adds value to a Handling Company and must be seen as a credible system by the Carriers which choose those Handling Companies.

Any Handling Companies with AHS 1000 accreditation may display the AHS logo on their letterheads, business cards and in the Airport Handling Services Directory on this Website.

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