AHS 1000 - Advantages to Handling Companies

The implementation takes approximately five days

Measured results can be obtained within one month of implementation
No increased resources are required once the system has been implemented
It identifies weaknesses and builds on strengths
It helps to identify and solve recurring problems
It quickly establishes positive and negative trends
It focuses the attention of all staff on the requirements of the carrier
It highlights carrier's deficiencies that require rectification
Standards are set and agreed with the carriers
It provides the practical implementation tool for any carriers Service Level Agreement
It improves the competitive position of the handler
It improves the competitive position of the carrier
It can lead to cost cutting
It leads to improved staff efficiency
It leads to improved communications between staff
It leads to improved communications between handler and carrier
It focuses resources where they are most needed
It focuses on operational output
It achieves consistency in the short term
It achieves continuous improvement in the medium to longer term
It meets the exact requirements and expectations of the carriers
It provides the carriers with measured results against agreed standards


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