Airport Handling Standards 1000

IATA AHM 804 compliant

AHS 1000 is a simple but powerful quality measurement and control system, which can provide a Handling Company with lower costs, improved efficiency and demonstrate higher performance levels without the need for any additional manpower. The system requires little or no additional paperwork, and the accompanying software package allows a Handling Company to produce very stylish spreadsheets and charts.

AHS 1000 can be implemented in four to five days, it is specially designed to cause minimal disruption to the operational programme and the results can be available for the Handling Company and the Carriers that they handle within one month of implementation.

AHS 1000 is designed to fit in with the IATA Memorandum of Understanding (AHM 803). It was endorsed by the IGHC in 1998 as the preferred system for quality measurement and control for the Airline Industry. AHS1000 has been implemented by more Handling Companies worldwide than any other comparable system. There are now more than 100 examples of Carriers receiving the benefits of AHS 1000 from their Handling Companies.

AHS 1000 is based on the well established management principle of 'benchmarking'. Standards are benchmarked at the highest possible level that can be agreed between the Handling Company and their Carriers at any location. This uncovers weaknesses and builds on strengths. It leads to consistency in the short term and continuous improvement in the medium to longer term. It provides business advantages for the Handling Companies and the Carriers that they serve.

AHS 1000 is a comprehensive and practical system which is designed to meet the exact needs of the Airline Industry. T
he Handling Company and Carrier agree on which activities are to be measured, set standards, and target achievement levels through a series of carefully constructed interface meetings. The Handling Company then monitors performance and delivers measured results. The results are then reviewed by both parties and improvements are made or corrective action is taken. The system is designed to be introduced into the normal working pattern of staff. This should require no extra resources and little or no extra paperwork. Feedback from staff has shown that AHS 1000 has helped them to do their jobs more efficiently and focuses their attention on the most important elements of the operation.

AHS 1000 fits perfectly with any Service Level Agreement (SLA). AHS 1000 is not an alternative to an SLA, but works with it. It is a tool through which SLA requirements are communicated to the operational staff of the Handling Company. It is unrealistic to expect the operational staff to be fully aware of all the contents of the average SLA. AHS 1000 takes all the core activities and presents them to the staff in a simple format that they can use to deliver the required results.

Most Handling Companies have some form of standards monitoring but lack a coordinated approach to data collection, analysis and performance feedback. They tend to measure just a few activities, whereas AHS 1000 can very simply measure up to 60 operational activities on a full turnround.

AHS 1000 recognises today's needs for operational output, rather than administrative input. It is based on operational reality. AHS 1000 has been created by Airline Industry people for people in the Airline Industry. AHS 1000 is the only fully independent implementation and accreditation system which represents Handling Companies and Carriers.


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