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Introduction by John Bustard of AHS

I have used my many years experience in Ground Handling to create AHS 1000. I took early retirement from British Airways after 35 years service. During that time I moved from Dispatcher to Ground Services Manager Europe. I was the BA representative to IATA on all matters concerning Ground Handling and was a founding member of the IATA Ground Handling Council.

After retiring from BA, I took up consultancy work and produced a very simple Quality Measurement and Control System for a large Handling Company at London Heathrow. My system (AHS 1000) was noticed and implemented by a number of IGHC members. IATA used it in the IATA Pilot Programme for Benchmarking Service Delivery Standards. In 1998 AHS 1000 was endorsed by the IATA Ground Handling Council as the preferred Quality Measurement System for the Airline Industry. I was asked to write the text for AHM804 as it described AHS 1000. A few years later IATA adopted the system and re-branded it the IATA System for the Measurement of Service Delivery Standards, which IATA usually refers to as AHM804. My company continued with AHS 1000 and there have been more than 100 examples of its implementation worldwide.

John Bustard making a presentation on AHS 1000 to the IATA Ground Handling Council

When AHS 1000 was originally endorsed by the IGHC, it was there to provide a low cost/high value Quality Measurement System for Ground Handlers. In recent years the cost of implementing an AHM804 compliant system on site is probably in excess of USD20,000, when you take into account the additional costs for air transportation, hotels and meals for the person doing the on-site implementation. This is why we have produced the cost-effective, self-implementation version of AHS 1000. The programme includes:

      • CDROM containing step by step instructions on how to implement the system
      • How to use AHS1000 in the management of SLAs
      • PowerPoint Presentation to introduce AHS1000 to Management, Staff and Carriers
      • Software for producing spreadsheets and charts
      • A Helpdesk to provide advice before, during and after implementation

Also included in the self-implementation package is detailed information on the TIPS System (Totally Integrated Performance Standards). TIPS can save a considerable amount of time and money, raising standards significantly and measurably. This self-implementation package has all the features and benefits of the on-site programme but only at a fraction of the cost. It leads to accreditation, certification and compliance with AHM804. Click on Self-Implementation for more information on this low cost package.

This website also includes useful information on SLA Management. There is free information available on negotiating skills that can help you in your business life and also your personal life. There is a Directory of Handling Services available and you can list your company free of charge, even if you do not wish to apply for AHS 1000 accreditation.

I hope that you find the website useful and that you will use our experience to help your company.



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