AHS 1000 - the Cost

AHS1000 should be looked upon as an investment, providing for the future. The programme is designed to help your company become more successful and improve its business position.

AHS 1000 can give a Handling Company the opportunity to cut costs, improve efficiency, raise standards, improve relationships (internally and externally), and improve its competitive position all without increasing manpower and creating little or no extra paperwork. The price for installing this system on site using AHS Trainers will vary according to location and the individual requirements of each Handling Company.

The cost for the self implementation of AHS1000 is GBP600 (approx USD980). Click on 'Self Implementation' for more details on this low cost package.

Most of the handling companies which have already implemented AHS 1000 have found that they have recovered the initial price of the implementation very quickly through cost savings, greater efficiency or more contracts.

After the first year there will be an annual membership/re-accreditation charge of GBP275 per annum, (approx. USD410). Although the on-site implementation using Trainers is becoming rather expensive, there is very little financial risk if you choose the self-implementation programme and the potential return on your investment is enormous. If you are interested in applying for AHS 1000 accreditation, or would like further information, please contact John Bustard by e-mail john@ahs1000.com. Applications are normally dealt with in the order in which they are received.


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